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Indiana Reining Horse Association is part of the East Central Region, an affiliate of NRHA.  InRHA puts on a circuit of shows (you can find these on our Show Schedule page).  Not all the circuit shows are hosted by InRHA.  But all the shows listed on our show circuit page are counted toward  champions and reserve champions for year end awards.  The results of our shows are sent to NRHA.

2021 Affiliate Regional Championships and Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships Qualification Criteria Announced
For Immediate Release – February 20, 2021 – Oklahoma City, Okla. – In 2020, the Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships (NAAC) held during the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity paid out an incredible $107,000 to more than 900 entries from all across the country. The fantastic prizes, large purses, and prestige of being a NAAC Champion helped the event grow, and it nearly doubled in size from the previous year.

The NRHA Board of Directors has announced the qualification criteria for the 2021 Adequan® NAAC.

The rules for the current year are the same as in 2020 when the pandemic forced changes to accommodate both the riders and the local affiliates and Affiliate Regional Championships (ARC). The only addition is that riders must be an affiliate member to show at an ARC.

Once again, anyone receiving a score higher than a zero at an ARC will be able to enter that class at the NAAC in Oklahoma City. There are no requirements to compete at an ARC other than the rider must be a member of an NRHA affiliate, which they are encouraged to join beforehand. The objective of the NRHA Board is to encourage people to attend the ARCs and support the affiliate program without limiting the number of horses that attend the Adequan® NAAC.

“Numbers at the 2020 Adequan® NAAC grew by almost 100% and the competition was tougher than ever. Although there were multiple factors that led to this, including doubling the added money, the Affiliate Committee believes that the eased qualification structure was pivotal. It not only allows more people to come to Oklahoma City, but it is also easier to understand the process if you are new to the sport,” noted NRHA Affiliate Committee Staff Liaison Sara Honegger. “We want reiners to have a chance to enjoy competing at the Adequan® NAAC and don’t want circumstances out of their control to impact that.”

As in 2020, riders will be allowed to participate in multiple ARCs with one exception; if they win a class, they cannot compete on the same horse in the same class at another ARC.

“For example, a horse and rider that won the ARC Non Pro class at the Northwest Affiliate Regional Championships would not be allowed to compete in the ARC Non Pro class at the Southwest Affiliate Regional Championships,” Honegger explained. “We want to make sure that we continue to promote the affiliates and their membership, and the Affiliate Committee felt this was a good way to make sure those living in regions with more restrictions are still able to attend an ARC while also supporting an affiliate.”

Honegger added, “We are extremely grateful to all the sponsors and participants who made the 2020 Adequan® NAAC such a success and hope to continue that trend into 2021.”

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Each InRHA member in order to qualify; will need an NRHA membership along with their InRHA membership.  NRHA offers different types of memberships based on your goals for your show year.   If you are a green rider you can get an InRHA membership but will only need an Associate membership with NRHA because, NRHA does not offer GREEN classes at the NAAC.   Green riders receive Silver spurs equine green reiner awards through the NRHA and year end affiliate awards with their affiliate.  Links to InRHA memberships are at the top of this page, before you show information, and Green Information!  Please contact an InRHA officer or director if you have further information.

NRHA Eligibility policies are outlined on the last few pages of the NRHA handbook and posted on their website under EVENTS … ELIGIBILITY…. NRHA Worldwide Eligibility Policy.