Membership list

A current membership list will be posted here. Your membership needs to be paid before show series points can be tabulated (This is the list NRHA will receive after each show.)  If your name does not appear we do not have your membership.

Please call Sherry Dooley if you have questions 859.684-1137.  THANK YOU


AS OF APRIL 1, 2023

  1. ALLEN, AVA                      INDIANA
  2. ALLEN, JILL                     INDIANA
  3. ALLEN, RAY                      INDIANA
  4. BURKE, ERIN               ILLINOIS
  5. CANTY, ELIZABETH                INDIANA
  6. DRINKWATER, TIM                 ILLINOIS
  7. FRIEDMAN, JUDY                  ILLINOIS
  8. HAYMAN, SHIRLEY                 INDIANA
  9. HERTSBERG, RORI                 ILLINOIS
  10. HERTSBERG, TIAG                 ILLINOIS
  12. LANDING, ANNA                   INDIANA
  13. LEWIS, SUSAN                    ILLINOIS
  14. McCOLLOUGH, LARRY               INDIANA
  15. McDAVITT,  BRUCE                INDIANA
  16. McDAVITT, JOHN                  INDIANA
  17. MENG, KELLEE                    INDIANA
  18. METZGER, GRACE                  INDIANA
  19. NICHOLSON, KYRA                 INDIANA
  20. PAUKNER, JOSEPH                 WISCONSIN
  21. PAUKNER, RENEE                  WISCONSIN
  22. RAMM, CAROL                     ILLINOIS
  23. SELNER, QUINN                   INDIANA
  24. SELNER, REED                    INDIANA
  25. SIBLEY, DIANE                   ILLINOIS
  26. VOLS, CAROL                     ILLINOIS
  27. YOUNG, DANIELLE                 INDIANA