Varsity Reining Club

Varsity Reining Club Scholarships Awarded

The National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA) Varsity Reining Club (VRC) encourages youth to positively impact their communities through the sport of reining and volunteerism. At the conclusion of 2017, VRC awarded more than $5,000 in scholarships to students who were the highest-point-earners in their respective divisions.

VRC points were awarded based on participation in philanthropy, creativity, publicity and scholastic achievement. Within these primary areas of focus, participants may record activities such as photography, community service and fundraising. Participants were awarded scholarships based on their age as of Jan. 1, 2017: Varsity (ages 14-18) or Junior Varsity (13 and under). Award winners are:


  1. Grace Wilson – Smithfield, Virginia – 5,190 points
  2. Casey Abbo – Woodside, California – 4,245 points
  3. Cyann Molengraaf – Simonshaven, Netherlands – 2,315 points
  4. Taylor Stephens – Thousand Oaks, California – 2,229 points
  5. Cullen Le Roy – Lowell, Indiana – 1,545 points
  6. Taylor Masson – Davie, Florida – 1,230 points
  7. Morgan Ritz – Comstock, Nebraska – 1,215 points
  8. Olivia Klug – Columbus, Nebraska – 1,048 points

Junior Varsity

  1. Reed Selner – Plymouth, Indiana – 2,555 points
  2. Shelby Lukes – Dumfries, Virginia – 2,470 points
  3. Reis Novaro – Davie, Florida – 1,290 points
  4. Robin Foster – Strawberry Plains, Tennessee – 1,053 points
  5. Kalena Reynolds – Whitesboro, TX – 1,020 points

The VRC is free for all current NRHyA members and serves as an innovative tool to help youth become more involved at a local level while developing valuable life skills. Learn more and enroll online today at

For more information on the National Reining Horse Youth Association, please visit, find NRHyA on Facebook or contact (405) 946-7400 and



Note from InRHA Member Reed Selner:

My name is Reed Selner. I am 10 years old and in the 4th grade.  I joined the NRHyA Varsity Club in the spring of 2017.  I joined because I like to go to reining shows with my mom and grandpa and I wanted to do something too.  The best thing about the NRHyA Varsity Club is that any NRHA youth member can participate and you don’t even have to ride or show!  You earn points for doing activities like volunteering, getting good grades, photography, writing, creative artwork, and more.  You earn points by keeping track of your activities and submitting them through to the NRHyA Varsity Club web page.  The points can be used to purchase cool NRHA stuff like hats, shirts, sweatshirts, stalls at the Derby or Futurity, or a belt buckle. At the end of the year, scholarships are awarded for the Top 5 Junior Varsity members (13 and Under) and for the Top 10 Varsity members (14-18).  Visit ​​ to join!


Note from InRHA member Cullen LeRoy Santino:

The NRHyA offers a number of different programs for the youth, whether they are riders or just love the sport of Reining to applaud their hard work both in the show pen and in their communities.

In addition to being eligible for year-end awards through both the Indiana Reining Horse Association and the NRHA, youth can sign up for free to become members of the Varsity or Junior Varsity Reining club.

The Varsity Reining Club (“VRC”) was created to engage youth members and encourage them to become more active at both local and national levels. Points are awarded based on activities like fundraising, volunteering, creative writing, good grades and photography. All you need to do is log your activities and NRHyA will award you points.

With points earned, youth members can receive prizes like t-shirts, sweatshirts, stalls at the Futurity and Derby as well as a year-end buckle.

In addition to the prizes, scholarships are also awarded every year to the top Varsity (14-18) and Jr Varsity (13 & under) point earners.

This year as an NRHYA member I was able to take part in youth leadership development workshops in Oklahoma City during the annual meeting.  I learned a lot, made friends and had a lot of fun.

I hope that this information is helpful to you and that you will consider getting your youth signed up for the Varsity Reining Club!